Mousumi Sinha

Khar is something which we all drool for and I’ve already posted a recipe of khar made with Black gram dal, today’s recipe ia made with Ashgourd. We all know the benefits of Ashgourd so we decided to try it out with Ashgourd as well. My mother makes khar with different ingredients and hopefully I will share the other versions also soon.





Ashgourd peeled, cut and chopped into big chunks.


Urad/black gram dal and chana dal half cup each soaked overnight and drained.


1tsp Soda


A handful of raw rice soaked and drained.






Vietnamese mint/faakfoi


Turmeric leaves/ ginger leaves


Lime leaves


Miyangpa/spicy glove basil ( I didn’t have it do didn’t add)


For tempering:


1 tsp oil (any oil)


Bay leaves, red dry chilli and nennam/chives.




Pressure cook the dal and Ashgourd for 1 whistles.


Heat kadhai and add oil, bay leaves, nennam, dry red chilli. Once it leaves the aroma pour the boiled vegetable and dal. Let it cook for 10 min meanwhile chop and add all the herbs, then add 1 tsp soda. Once you add the soda, color will change. Add salt as per taste and let it cook for another 10 min. Check out the consistency and seasoning. Once it becomes a thick gravy remove it from stove. Serves best with rice 😋😋 and dry khichi.