Welcome to the Indo-Bangla Bishnupriya Manipuri Association website. The Association is constituted with the like minded progressive people of India and Bangladesh from various fields. It aims to provide a platform on which Bishnupriya Manipuris from India and Bangladesh can work together to make value addition in facilitating and preserving culture, developing literature and socio-economy of the community across the border and globe. Due to Corona lockdown (COVID19), no physical activity was possible, so it started organizing digital meetings and other social discussions in online platforms like Zoom and Stream Yard etc.

There were issues addressing students felicitation, various literary competitions, exhibiting cultural activities with prominent artists from both the countries, on Bishnupriya Manipuri Wikipedia with  participants from people living in various countries like USA and Australia and within a very short period of time it has garnered the attention of the people from the community through the programs  and activities that it has initiated.

Socio-cultural factors such as attitudes, cultural deprivation, ethnic identity, customs, lifestyle, education, cultural values are the larger forces within a society which affects the behavior, thoughts and feelings in general and IBBMA  is dedicated to work for preserving and documenting all community related scripts, creeds and dogmas in all available digital platforms including Wikipedia for future generations.

Indo-Bangla Bishnupriya Manipuri Association aims to bridge the gap between the people of Bangladesh and India and  provide a common platform for the people to work together for  development of the Bishnupriya Manipuri community as a whole through various programs, activities And exchange programs.

The group rightly believes in work as the punchline says “ Let work make the noise” and hence wants to continuously work as a catalyst in developing literature, culture and socio-economy of the community.

To get in touch with us, please send an email to indobanglabmassociation@gmail.com. We thank you for your interest in IBBMA.